A non-profit initiative launched and led by 17a

We source and implement innovative tech to improve tools in addiction services now

Realworks is a non-profit launched and led by 17a


Realworks is a provider-led fund focused on innovation in addiction treatment.

The fund invests in and manages pilots of new technologies that have the potential for immediate impact as well as scale at a national level - using the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region as the “lab” for figuring out what works.

We believe today’s best tech tools should be used on the frontlines of addiction services.


Realworks has announced 3 pilots to date with more to come.

Pilots announced to date:


● Removing access barriers with transportation, using UberHealth - we were the first Behavioral Health use case for the UberHealth tool. Provided transportation to MAT patients to test impact on reducing no-show rates. Phase 1 complete (3 pilot sites, Sept 2018 - Jan 2019); active conversations with UberHealth on path forward for funded Phase 2. Please check back for details on pilot design and insights on what we learned about using UberHealth to remove access barriers.

Building better tools for peer supports to have impact, through the PeerStrong app. Building an app for current and potential peer supports in the region to access resources that support maturation and advancement of the peer supporter role in the recovery journey.


Using behavioral nudges and new reporting tools to prevent relapse with Hey Charlie. Incorporating patient location and social-engagement data into real-time nudges to patients as well as better reporting to providers to improve care interventions.


Realworks will continue to launch additional pilots every 1-2 months. Future pilots will focus on priorities related to better clinically integrated tools, data maturity across the treatment pathway and tech-enabled coordination of wrap around supports.