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By connecting resources, ideas, and people across tech, venture, and healthcare, we can bring new solutions to today’s addiction crisis.

The Vision

The opiate epidemic is a national crisis, creating urgency for fast-to-deploy solutions to delivery problems that have plagued the addiction services market for decades. Realworks is an initiative funded by health systems and addiction treatment providers to rip down barriers that traditionally stunt the development and deployment of new, great technologies in the addiction services space.


Realworks aims to be an incubator for “what works”


 The Approach

The fund invests in and manages pilots in the addiction services space, and is specifically focused on tools that have the potential to scale at a national level - using the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region as "lab" for figuring out what works.

The Fund

Realworks (formerly called the Hacking Heroin Cooperative) is a provider-funded and provider-led non profit organization that leads a coordinated approach to launching innovative pilots in the addiction services space. It provides health and treatment providers with a dedicated innovation effort by accessing the tools and expertise of supporting partners in the technology, venture, healthcare, and public sector spaces to have fast impact that can be scaled locally and nationally to advance addiction service delivery.  


Realworks has a set of national partners, including a major local health-focused foundation, Harvard, and several payers that have been heavily engaged in the design of this work and plan to be scale partners for what we learn.


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